Intercolor Encounters

Alongside the workshops, over the last ten years Intercolor congresses have provided a unique opportunity to organize cultural events open to professionals and the press, focused on talks, exhibitions, visits, etc.

These Intercolor Encounters bring together the international leaders in fashion and design: designers and manufacturers, artists and researchers, academics, associations and institutions. The Intercolor congress provides unique opportunities to give members a better insight of the host country and contacts with local realities - conviviality and sharing are very important elements of the meetings.

Next Intercolor Encounters
May 16th 2019 in Orlando, Florida, USA

CEW and BEAUTYSTREAMS will host the Spring/Summer 2021 Intercolor Congress in Orlando, Florida, USA. They are inviting the 17 countries to each present their ideas for an intriguing new Encounter's Topic: «A Day in 2030».
What will lifestyles be like around the globe ? How will we live, work, eat, and sleep? How will our shopping and leisure habits evolve? And of course, what role does color play in this future environment?

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