We create Colours

Twice a year, during Intercolor congress, delegates present their colour proposals for a specific season and the concepts, lifestyles and environments that influenced their choice. At the outcome of two days of discussion, the main trends are summarized and the intercolor colour range is drawn up, a distillation of the ideas shared during the work sessions.

While helping unify trends for the textile, fashion and design industries, Intercolor seeks to innovate and stay at the spearhead of the avant-garde. The Intercolor colour range is not governed by any preconceived rule or concept and can be translated into various types of colour card, giving a succinct forecast that closely reflects international trends and influences.

Colour cards are not published by Intercolor, but member countries are free to circulate the Intercolor consensus colour palette along with copies of the other member countries’ colour cards exclusively to their own organisations.

Colour Forecast

Our latest colour ranges for Fall / Winter 2019-20

Permanent now - Reality is not enough - Sustainable impact - Parallel times - Unstoppable transformation - Technology/humanism

Fall / Winter 2019-20 Colour Range

Colour ranges for Spring / Summer 2019

Celebrate identities - Raise empathy - Multiverse

Spring / Summer 2019 Colour Range

Former Colour Ranges

A selection of some emblematic colour ranges