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We exchange points of view to offer guidance on international colour trends.

The Intercolor Congress is held twice a year. Each Intercolor member country hosts the meeting in turn and during the meeting, each presents their concepts for the season and their views on changes in colour and lifestyle in general to be used as a basis for trend development. Each member is given a copy of all the national colour proposals.

The discussions and the exchange of concepts and ideas underpin the colours; telling the story and understanding the background are increasingly as significant as the colours themselves.

At the end of a 2-day meeting, the members agree on the Intercolor colours and themes for a season.

So, 24 months ahead of each season (eg May 2015 for Spring-Summer 2017, November 2015 for Autumn-Winter 2017/18), there is an international statement on colour, serving as a source of further development and helping decision making in myriad industries from automotive to cosmetics.